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Bag Opening System

GWH Bag Opener for recycling systems open bags at 95% efficiency. It meters material to the system and increases throughput for your facility. Built in hopper allows loader to be more versatile and perform other functions, whilst the bag opener feeds the production line.
Trommel Bag Openner Render.png


  • The bag splitting & emptying machine has been developed for processing recyclable waste wholly or partially bagged for subsequent sorting in the waste processing facilities

  • Bags are opened and valuable material pulled out by means of the spring loaded knives is equipped with slitting teeth

  • The product is conveyed to the slitting rotator by means of a chain conveyor in the discharge hopper


  • Reduces the need for manual labour, ensuring the subsequent processes run at optimum levels by efficiently meeting and feeding recyclables to the production line

  • Special ripper knives for all small bags

  • The valuable substances are not compressed or shredded during processing so that films placed in tin etc, can be easily separated in the subsequent processing stages

  • Hardox ripper spring loaded fingers are spaced to open bags from super market bags to bin bags to give 95% opening effectiveness

Bag Opener System In Motion

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